We offer our clients all-inclusive solutions to managing their wealth and meet their financial objectives. While it has always been a delicate balance between returns and the risks that are dependent on a client's financial circumstances, equitable equilibrium needs in-depth research to accurately predict market conditions and performance.


There is no room for speculation in the investment equation and each client's portfolio is established by thorough research, including timing, tax implications, risk tolerance and the situation in overall and personal financial environments.


We take advantage of efficiencies in the capital markets and our approach to diversification is by creating a strategic combination of tax-efficient portfolios and expert asset allocation tailored to each client's needs.


When the wealth management industry emerged from the financial crisis it faced changing and often complex regulatory and tax environments in which clients had become more risk-averse, while having a far better understanding of the financial markets — they had also gained a sophisticated knowledge in recognizing high-performing investment strategies.


We are focused on continuing to manage these changes and assessing risk and volatility when competing for market share and operate with diversified revenue streams while searching out new opportunities to improve margins.



At Ferguson Mercer Capital Partners we take advantage of efficiencies in the capital markets by creating a strategic combination of tax-efficient portfolios and expert asset allocation.

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Advisory Services

We are trusted advisors to all of our clients by helping them make more informed decisions about how they can strategically manage their capital with a full range of integrated services that are associated with individual objectives.

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We provide asset management, investment advisory services and advanced research-based portfolio management, dealing with both growth- and income-oriented portfolios.



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Risk Management

Cost growth, squeezed margins and the requirement for greater scale has been a feature of our industry over the last few years, which has challenged asset managers to innovate to protect profits.

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Investment Planning

At Ferguson Mercer Capital Partners our philosophy is a proven cash flow approach, enhanced by sophisticated investment planning to deliver tax efficiency and profitable risk-adjusted returns.

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Investment Strategies

We offer a unique approach to financial planning services, providing a depth of resources, attention to detail when it comes to client relationships and access to a broad and proven selection of financial strategies.

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