Research & Due Diligence

It can be challenging to stay abreast of ever-expanding investment products and regulatory changes, so we employ arguably one of the most highly regarded research and due diligence groups in Asia to review managers before services are offered to our clients.


This team of experts closely analyse philosophies, investment selection processes, performance and personnel and then delivers comprehensive due diligence reports that are continually updated that help our clients confront these challenges and provide opportunities for investment growth.


Our clients benefit from their experience to help provide them with sound, informed, safe and profitable investment recommendations.


We investigate the top research and business priorities for major wealth management platforms and explore deep due diligence techniques to gain insights into how investor demand shapes the investment agenda and how the selection and due diligence process has fundamentally evolved with the explosion of alternative investment vehicles.


The research process will filter out products by features, function, cost and due diligence and, at its most simplest, study a company's history, verify details of the legal entity, structure, financial capacity, staff turnover rates and disaster recovery plans.


We also scrutinise and review performance relative to appropriate benchmarks on a regular basis and carry out on-site due diligence meetings with key personnel to review all aspects of the company organisational infrastructure.



At Ferguson Mercer Capital Partners we take advantage of efficiencies in the capital markets by creating a strategic combination of tax-efficient portfolios and expert asset allocation.

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Advisory Services

We are trusted advisors to all of our clients by helping them make more informed decisions about how they can strategically manage their capital with a full range of integrated services that are associated with individual objectives.

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We provide asset management, investment advisory services and advanced research-based portfolio management, dealing with both growth- and income-oriented portfolios.

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Risk Management

Cost growth, squeezed margins and the requirement for greater scale has been a feature of our industry over the last few years, which has challenged asset managers to innovate to protect profits.

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Investment Planning

At Ferguson Mercer Capital Partners our philosophy is a proven cash flow approach, enhanced by sophisticated investment planning to deliver tax efficiency and profitable risk-adjusted returns.

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Investment Strategies

We offer a unique approach to financial planning services, providing a depth of resources, attention to detail when it comes to client relationships and access to a broad and proven selection of financial strategies.

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